Hello there.

I am Nick, a site builder and ex-hosting expert with a knack for the dynamic beauty of an enclosed ecosystem. Don’t get me wrong, I love outdoor ecosystems as well. I love hiking and cycling, and grew up in a village, close to nature and farm animals.

I got my first aquarium when I was 12. Well, my first fish tank, rather, as I got my first few aquariums much earlier. Only that they were housing hamsters instead of fish.

The last hamster I had was a proper prick and after a few bites too many I wasn’t so enthusiastic about the little fluffs anymore. 

Soon after it died, we visited family friends who had a 50-gallon cichlid tank. I was mesmerized and spent most of the evening watching the fish swim around in their languid fashion.

The next day I dug out the 10-gallon tank left from my last hamster, went to the fish shop with all my savings and the trapdoor to the underwater dimension swung wide open. Dived in legs first.

Back then, there were two ways of acquiring the necessary knowledge on how to keep fish alive: books and asking people. I managed to find a small book that wasn’t very helpful so had to rely on the fish shop owner’s knowledge and expertise. 

Today, thanks to the internet, the data points are more numerous than there are fish at sea. This is great when you have simple questions, as there are many outstanding resources out there. But there are also a lot of myths and unverified info circulating around.

Like the statement that fish like music. It’s amusing and makes for a great headline, but it is not really aligned with the conclusions of the researchers.

That’s why I created this site. To share my experience and to provide well-researched, checked knowledge to help budding fishkeepers on their way. Advanced, as well, as we can always learn new things.